I like lots of things and you'll probably find most of them here))) "New Girl" is currently ruining my life.
“Winston discovers the truth about Jess and Nick (who have been hiding their breakup from him so that they do not ruin his special day) and immediately tells them that they are more important than anything involving him, saying that “I’m here for whatever you need.” It’s a great moment where New Girl shows that Winston, the series’ most bizarre character who is rarely treated as more than a punchline, is probably the best, most caring person in the entire group, despite the fact the he gets none of this thought and consideration in return. The tenderness and sweetness of his promise to help his friends never feels too sappy because of the backdrop of all the crazy weirdness that surrounds him, from his white suit to his “prominent chair”; it also works together to create the best scene possible.”


I love how they’re both biting their lip in the first one and then trying to smile in the second one. They totally have nothing in common …

NOTHING IN COMMON - ironical name for my ship


!!!!!!!SPOILERS ABOUT SEASON FINALE !!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!


!!!!!!!SPOILERS ABOUT SEASON FINALE !!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!

New Girl, Best of Jess: 3x21 ‘Big News’


New Girl | Promotional Photos | 3.22 “Dance”

This is our show: New Girl


You can tell that the actors, writers, and everyone involved really LOVE what they do, and they work well together. I love shows that are collaborative, and I love that they are allowed to improvise some jokes. There’s enough realness to be relatable and sweet. Basically, I love how carefully crafted these characters are, and how they don’t really even need some major event to happen to be entertaining. I think shows are at their best when they are character driven, and then add in the relationships between those characters, little nuances that carry over, and how brilliantly the writing is, and you’ve got an A++++ in my book!”

peppahwood after I asked her what she loves most about the show.

A Compilation of Four Sexy Weirdos plus some other people:

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For the record, I’m still totally in love with the show. And I might say hurtful and nasty things about it, but it’s only cause I care so much. I really do.

Anonymous said:
do you think season 4 will be the last?

Nope. I hope not. I think Nick and Jess are going to get together by the end of season 4. And maybe season 5 will be the last with them married. But of course everything depends on ratings.

lmao, Nick was okay with seeing each other naked after the break up. I find it so amusing ;)))

We have fallen so low. It literally shows the state of affares in “New Girl” universe right now.

We have fallen so low. It literally shows the state of affares in “New Girl” universe right now.

"I’m so happy that you feel terrible!"

-Jessica Day to Nick Miller

That’s how she knew he cared. That is really honest. We often hurt people we care about and who care about us.


The part with Joan was really funny (I love Jamie Lee Curtis!) and also a little sad (because Jess turned to her mom for comfort and it didn’t help at all), but I just realized something about this scene. When Joan bemoans the fact that she’s never going to get grandchildren - like, that’s her…

Let this be!